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“Wait, She Doesn’t Just Dance?”

This may very much come as a shock to a lot of people, so some of you may want to sit down…
While I have spent the better part of my life building my career as a dance teacher/coach and choreographer, I must admit:

There was a time I was living a double life.

Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it?
I’ll give you the short version:

– I graduated from The University of Central Oklahoma. Go Bronchos!
– As many a gal with a dream of being on Broadway does, I moved to New York City.
– Upon arrival, I faced the hard facts I am but a mere 5’2 with an “ok at best, on a good day, in the shower” singing voice, so maybe my name wasn’t meant to be in lights of the big city, after all.
– I moved to St. Louis, MO to coach the Starry Knights Dance Team at my alma mater: St. Francis Borgia High School.
– Because one with a low key shoe addiction cannot 100% survive on a catholic high school coaching salary, and I had not yet really started teaching at a dance studio, I begrudgingly had to figure out the “Adult Income” of it all.
– A fabulous, incredible mentor introduced me to the world of Multi-Family Housing Management and Real Estate Investment.

Wait, what even is that?

A whole new world was opened to me.
At first, I was very reluctant to this weird way of life.
“What is a tax credit?”
“Why do I have business cards?”
“Why is everyone wearing real pants?”

I felt like a fraud and I clung to my dance life with an iron clad grip.

But then, PLOT TWIST:
I learned wildly valuable skills and built an ENTIRELY different kind of resume which included job titles like:

– Marketing and Leasing Specialist
– New Hire Training and Events Coordinator
– Leasing Coordinator

And here is the craziest part:
I actually really loved it.

I mean, at the time I didn’t think it was EXACTLY my passion, but I would be lying to myself and everyone else if I didn’t come clean about fleeting thoughts of maybe giving up the dance dream, every once in a while.

But, alas, for me, I’m the type of person who just can’t shake a passion.

My choreography career took off and I walked away from my double life to give it my full focus. I have been blessed with so many amazing opportunities and have been so inspired by all of the people I’ve worked with and the places I’ve traveled.

I will never be able to kick that passion and give up dance… this I know…. HOWEVER….

I really have never been able to totally shake the wonderful experience I found in my double life. Buzzwords like: Employee Motivation, Customer Service and Corporate Style Team Building really got in my blood and I found myself missing business cards and actually sitting down for lunch.

As living a double life is exhausting, I needed to figure out how to marry the two worlds into one.

So I asked myself:
“How can I take the fundamentals I love so much about both aspects of my life and shape the language to help teach, motivate and inspire those who may not be used to a life of 5-6-7-8 while perhaps still reaching those who aren’t totally familiar with always wearing “real” pants?”

And I think I figured it out.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present:

The KDs Collaborative
– Motivational Speaking
– Choreography
– Corporate and Athletic Team Building

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