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This Week’s Overture: 3.30.2020

I saw a ladybug yesterday. 

She was walking next to me on the sidewalk while I retreated from my apartment in an effort to feel normal. Likely unaware of the state of the world, she trotted by, flapping her wings trying escape the steamy concrete. 

Ladybugs are a sign of good luck, you know?
In fact, if you do a little research about them, you will find the following: “Ladybugs are generally associated with good fortune and good luck. They bring with them a sense of future prosperity. Their bright and colorful look, along with their happy-go-lucky travels, mean living life without boundaries.

My friend Christina, a very special “later in life” friend once explained the magic of ladybugs. She told me that anytime you see a ladybug it means amazing things are about to happen. As I am an extremely superstitious person, drawn to any suggestions pertaining to good luck and positive outcomes, I knew this was a sign. 
Good luck and good fortune ahead. 
Forever. Indefinitely. 


So, I stopped to observe, pay my respects to her magic and, real talk, simply say hello.
I mean, I get social distancing.
People on the street exercising refuse to even make eye contact these days.
Seriously.  You will not contract Covid-19 through a smile and a wave. Things I now miss.
But I digress. 

I crouched down and pulled my phone out of my arm band to take a picture for my good friend.  As I got closer, I noticed my little buddy had a broken wing. Even still, she was fighting hard to fly. 
Eventually, after we built some trust with one other, she crawled up my finger and I gave her a push. 
Off she went to go live her best, happy-go-lucky life without boundaries.
Nary a care in the world.

No quarantine. 
No social distancing. 
No threat of global pandemic. 

This really struck a chord with me. 

As I watched her fly away, unfazed by her own  broken wing, I saw the uncertainty of the next few weeks ahead with a restored sense of peace. 

The sooner we trust and listen to medical professionals working tirelessly to provide care and solutions in this time of crisis, the sooner we will see the results in our own lives.

With a strong dose of faith mixed with some good common sense, we can train our minds to calm down. 

Even in a time when our hope feels broken, if we all stick together, do our part to help and believe in a little magic, we too will fly again.

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Go 4 It! 4 Tips 4 “Socially Distanced”

Team Member Engagement

We do not need to beat a dead horse, however this is not an ideal situation for most teams. 

Whether we are talking about an athletic team or work team, it is really challenging to keep members engaged and even remain engaged ourselves.

Here are our 4 tips 4 remaining engaged from a distance: 

1. Respect the Distance: Part of a positive team culture is trust. While you may be used to ACTUALLY seeing your team’s productivity with your own eyes, times have changed. Though normally you may not be the micromanaging type, resist the urge to want to know the team’s every movement. Schedule a call one hour after they have started their day and one hour before their day ends to review goals and measure results. 

2. I Challenge You: Kick the week off with a challenge for your team that DOES NOT directly involve anything having to do with their job responsibilities. Get creative and offer a prize at the end.

3. We Got Spirit, Yes We Do: Just because we are working from home doesn’t mean we can’t show a little team spirit! Hold a “Spirit Week”, creating a different theme for each day. Whether it is “Dress like your Boss Day” or “Throwback Thursday”, team members will have fun sharing silly pictures of themselves playing along with the group! Give it a hashtag and involve social media so the world can see just how fun your team/company is! 

4. The Happiest of Hours: Ok, so maybe not every team can participate in a traditional “Happy Hour” but you can still bring your team together to share a little happy! Send an invitation to participate in “The Happiest of Hours” through a video conferencing platform. At the meeting, everyone has to share the happiest thing that happened to them this week.
Personal refreshments optional! 

“Oh How the Tables Have Turned”
Episode 8:
Featuring Founder/CEO- Kelly Daugherty 

For our final episode in the Season 1: 8 part interview series of our podcast “Choreograph Your Life”,  the tables have turned on host Kelly Daugherty, who finds herself in the hot seat. Listen in as episode 8 host, Kim Daugherty, gets to the bottom of how Kelly choreographs her own day, how she stays wildly motivated and finally asks the burning question: “What does that “s” stand for in The KDs Collaborative?” 

“Choreograph Your Life” is available this Wednesday at 2pm EST on Spotify and iTunes or wherever you download your favorite podcasts.

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