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This Week’s Overture: 3. 23. 2020

Well, last week was a certainly uncharted territory.  

I had no idea I was capable of experiencing such a variety of emotions in such a short amount of time. As someone who is typically very optimistic and relatively pleasant, I felt wildly out of control of my own disposition.

One moment I felt anxious, the next- hopeful. 

Sometimes I would find myself crying, then, the next thing I knew- laughter. 

In addition, I felt like I was playing a game of “Never Ever, Have I Ever: The Survival Version”; just checking off boxes, one more bizarre than the next. 

Who WAS this person? Real talk: I was NOT prepared for that Kelly to show up. 

  • She was high strung and had over-active tear ducts. 
  • She had a tendency to get real snappy with innocent bystanders. 
  • She certainly didn’t seem to feel like showering was a real necessity… 
  • She talked a big game about “staying positive” but behind the scenes threw a series of pity parties and would cower in the corner. 

What a smelly hypocrite. 

This was “Crisis Mode Kelly” and it was NOT a good look.

But then I looked again and found some redeeming qualities: 

  • She put on her brave face for people who needed hope. 
  • She was creative in strategies to help stay connected with loved ones. 
  • She gave herself purpose by continuing to teach from her living room. 
  • She cooked- not well, but there was effort. 
  • She cleaned- even worse, but again, effort. 

Ok, maybe she can stay… just a revised version perhaps? 

It seems the universe has a funny way of keeping us all in check. 

Almost like it is making sure we remember we have to keep learning. 

It is also seems to be providing a little reminder that we are not totally in charge of our own destiny. Yikes, have I been quarantined too long? 

That feels so unsettling. 

Or does it?

When the universe says: “You are not actually in charge of this”, we learn a lot about who we really are. Sometimes our “not so pleasant sides” decide to make a dramatic entrance and other times we pull up for ourselves and each other. As someone who tends to compartmentalize negative emotions, allowing myself to “feel” the current state of the world has been oddly refreshing. Knowing that ultimately I am only in charge of “how I respond and adhere to professional guidance” has made me feel confident that I am doing all I can in this moment. The universe has a plan and I am not in charge of this event. 

I have one job: Learn myself better so I can control how I respond to things out of my control. 

To me, this IS very settling. 

In exploring these uncharted waters, remember: 

Now is the time to learn about ourselves: The good. The bad. The train-wreck. 

Embrace emotion. Feel emotion. Enjoy emotion. 

You may not have all of the answers. 

You may meet a side of yourself that you don’t totally love to be around. 

Congrats. You learned something. 

Breathe, acknowledge the discovery and then go wash your hands. 

We are going to be ok. 

Introducing: “Living Room Learning!”

Join us for supplemental dance and motivational training videos with Kelly, all suitable for your living room for a small fee of $10 a week via Google Classroom.

Here’s how this works:

To gain access to “Living Room Learning”, at the beginning of the week provide us with your email address and Venmo $10 to @Kellyds. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive an invite to a Google Classroom. Motivational and instructional videos with NEW CONTENT will become available EVERYDAY and will remain in the classroom on demand access.

What’s Included:

  • Upload Time-9AM EST; First Things First Daily Coffee Talks: Motivational Words from Founder/CEO Kelly Daugherty!
  • Upload Time- Noon EST: Daily 10 Minute Technique Tips video instruction for “on-the-go” technical training.
  • Upload Time- 3PM EST Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday/ Saturday: A variety of full length combo and technique classes.
  • Optional feedback from Thursday Free Livestream Instagram Class. Students may email or DM their video following the Livestream for custom coaching.

TODAY’S SALE: $25 TOTAL for access March 23rd-April 30th!

Available through 3/24/2020! 

Go 4 it! 4 tips 4 Staying Connected!
Now more than ever, it is important that we make strides to continue to stay connected. 
GREAT NEWS! You have so many options at your fingers tips. While texts, phone calls and FaceTime chats are a great way to keep up with our family, friends and co-workers, now is the time to get creative! Here are some of our favorite “outside the box” suggestions for connections.
  • Challenge Accepted!- Participate in social media challenges to feel connected and get free laughs!
  • Learn Together!- Take advantage of next to nothing on demand learning and free livestream classes!
  • Zoom Zumba!- Zoom offers a variety of free and paid options to get a virtual Zumba dance party started!
  • Virtual Book Club!- Grab some friends and FINALLY get that book club off the ground!
Episode 7: “T-H-E Mary Kay”
With Special Guest: Mary Kay Daugherty 
While the idea of “working from home” may be the new normal for millions of people around the world, some people have been finding success through independent sales out of their home offices for decades.This week we have one of the best in the home biz game: Mary Kay Daugherty!

As an independent consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics for almost 4 decades, she has proven that success in sales stems from building and cultivating lasting relationships with customers and holding yourself accountable through daily goal setting.
Listen this week as she shares her secrets for sales success and maximizing daily productivity through a “work from home” lifestyle. 

To learn more about Mary Kay before the episode is available, check her out on Facebook: Mary Kay Daugherty or IG: @marykaydaugherty.

“Choreograph Your Life” is available this Wednesday at 2pm EST on Spotify and iTunes or wherever you download your favorite podcasts.

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