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The One About Mindset

If you happened to see our Instagram story yesterday, you may have walked away from that viewing experience feeling somewhat confused. 

“What is happening?” commented SEVERAL users.

“What did I just look at?” questioned a few. 

“This is my favorite thing on the internet today!” shared a handful. 

This “seemingly strange” thread gained far more attention and engagement than our typical “Sneak Peek of the Week”. 

But the question remained: “What. On. Earth?” 

So, here is your answer: 

Sometimes, you have to LEAP out of the box and HAVE A LITTLE FUN!

Last week, I had the honor of being a guest speaker via a zoom class for a group of students at Columbia College Chicago. While the focus of our conversation was “content creation”, we spoke at great lengths about entrepreneurship and what goes into starting your own business.

My answer was simply: consistency. 

Consistency in presence. 

Consistency in voice. 

Consistency in growth. 

So while it might seem trivial to you, our Sunday night “Sneak Peek of the Week” Instagram story is a piece of content followers have come to expect. Whether they enjoy it or not, it shows up in their feed.  

If we were to miss sharing a Sunday “Sneak Peek of the Week”, that would be an inconsistency. 

Do we think the “Sneak Peek of the Week” is the content people are on the edge of their seats for every Sunday evening?Nope. 

Do we think some people would notice if it didn’t happen?: Yep. 

Real talk: That piece of content takes roughly 2 hours of my Sunday to execute. Maybe for you, it would take no time at all, but for me, I fixate on the little details knowing FULL WELL the majority of viewers just tap through with “glazed over ‘comfortable’ face.” 

I woke up yesterday, rolled over in bed, and reached for my laptop. 


Sitting in bed, praying for a stroke of creativity, daylight hours ticked by.  

NOTHING was “creeping up in the ‘ol noggin…” 

“I HATE THIS PROJECT TODAY!” I bellowed from my bed.  


Oh, the drama. 

We are about to launch a program focused on mindset.

Part of this on-demand, self-study video series dives into the importance of switching things up if your process feels stagnant and you can no longer find the fun in your day to day responsibilities. 

As I was the one who wrote the program, I decided it was time to really test my own advice. I closed my laptop, threw on some shoes, and hit the trail to clear my mind and start over. 

On my walk, I decided that while it might be strange and even a little off-brand, the “Sneak Peek of the Week” was going to be “brought to you by” my favorite “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy” characters. 

Talk about leaping out of the box. 

Yes, I know that movie is absolutely irrelevant at this moment.   

I also am fully aware of the ridiculousness that IS that movie. 

But, the idea made me laugh and obviously gained some attention. 

And you know what they say: “There is no such thing as bad press.” 

Though this silly piece of content was certainly not the most brilliant thing to hit the internet, it was something that surprisingly resulted in engagement. It also resulted in the creator (me) getting excited about getting to work, which led to productivity in other areas that may have a bigger return on investment. This would have never come to fruition had I not taken the steps necessary to shift my mindset. 

After all, the most important component in achieving any kind of success, big or small, is your Mindset. 

Thankfully, we can control our thoughts and engage our energy. 

Our “8 Minute Mindset” series catalyzes a refreshed outlook on your daily agenda. Our on-demand, self-study video series will assist in boosting innovative thoughts, inspiring a “can do” approach to “all of the things”, and encourage a renewed overall disposition. 

In simple terms: 

Sometimes we all just need a quick moment of positive vibes to help us reset. 

All week this week, we will be going behind the scenes of our new program to show you how we can help introduce you to your NEXT LEVEL SELF and get you EXCITED about your day and adventures ahead! 

“8 Minute Mindset” will be available for purchase on August 1st! 

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