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Something you should know is that my years spent as a dancer has left me uncomfortable with counting past 8.

Sure, I can, I just prefer not to.

That said, The KDs Collaborative works in sets of 4s and 8s.

Need to call people to attention? 1-2-3-4

Counting down to snap a picture? 5-6-7-8

It is a non negotiable for the sake of safety and mental health.

The second non negotiable of The KDs Collaborative is an “Attitude of Gratitude”.

People, places, and external opportunities are all a piece of the puzzle to individual or team success stories and should be recognized and celebrated.

I developed the concept of #ThankFOUR because it is important to me to acknowledge and be thankful for various aspects of my life every day. In the morning, following like 8 cups of coffee, I list out four things I am thankful for THAT day.

No matter the complexity, the value is in the acknowledgement of what is positively impacting how you choreograph your journey.

I challenge you, for one week, to try something that looks like this:
“KellyD’s #ThankFOUR, February 3, 2020”
1. Family/Friends
2. Personal health
3. The concept of “TEAM”
4. Opportunities of optimism

At the end of the week, take a moment to look back and reflect on all of the things that contributed to your daily #ThankFOUR.
Read it several times.
Maybe 8 times.
How do you feel?

Do you feel compelled to reach out to the people you cherish and let them know what they mean to you?
Do you feel inspired to work harder to continue to nurture the components of your day that make you so happy?

Whatever the case may be, I promise you this:
There is power in the effort to see beyond yourself.
It can be the most rewarding thing you do everyday.
It takes very little time and very little effort.

So, what are your #ThankFOUR today?

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