Win Back Their Hearts

How to refocus your leadership strategy

Being a leader is hard. 

You give 110% to your team in an effort to help make mutual goals and dreams come to fruition day after day. In return, you likely expect your team to show up and give 110% NO MATTER the circumstance. 

After all, they signed up for this, right? 

They should to be there, right? 

They are working toward the GOALS that THEY want, right? 

Not necessarily. 

What happens when the love of the game or career gets lost in the muck of YOUR OWN competitiveness? What happens when you lose sight of what’s ACTUALLY important and you need to refocus and motivate your teams differently? 

Sounds like you might need to regroup and potentially win back some hearts. 

Most importantly: YOUR OWN

Here are 8 simple concepts to to help you refocus your leadership strategy: 

  1. 1. Recognize what is GREAT!
  2. 2. LEARN your peeps. 
  3. 3. DELEGATE responsibility to team leaders. 
  4. 4. Refocus on the “WHY.”  
  5. 5. Believe HARD in the ultimate goal. 
  6. 6. Be NICE. 
  7. 7. Lead with your own VISION. 
  8. 8. ALWAYS have an “Attitude of Gratitude.” 

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