“Listen Up! 4 Ways to Maximize Your Audible Membership”

I am going to let you in on a little secret: 
I’ve been really bored. 
Yes, that’s right.

Sure, the business owner in me has about 700 million things that I could and SHOULD be doing throughout the course of the week.
Blogs, vlogs, graphics, courses, newsletters, Instagram stories, finishing my book… the list goes on and on. That being said, I know that if I don’t tell “Boss Kelly” to pump the breaks and give the good people of The KDs Collaborative some downtime, the idea of a work/life balance will never exist. 

Over the last few months, the end of the workday goes a little bit like this: 
1. Close the laptop.  
2. Make dinner. 
3. Pace around ISO entertainment. 
4. Become frustrated with the options available. 
5. Open the laptop back up to start working again.  
6. Have a quick “Come to Jesus” about boundaries. 
7. Close the laptop. 
8. “Zone out” on my phone. 

Real talk: There are PLENTY of things available to entertain me at any moment in time while I am not working. From literally every streaming service known to man to gaming systems like Nintendo (the original one!), there are options in this house. Do not feel sorry for anyone around here. 

What this really boils down to is I am not good at sitting still or being in one place too long. Sure, I have broken out of our apartment and have had a few recent adventures, but like the majority of the people I know, this summer has looked very different from every summer I’ve known as an “adult”.
I had grown accustomed to living in airports and switching time zones a few times a week.
I miss the thrill of meeting new people all week long. 
I miss the pressure of pulling off huge productions. 
I miss sharing knowledge and passion with likeminded people. 
So yeah, my brain is bored.
And I bet I’m not alone.  

Enter my friend Audible. 

I am sure you may be thinking, “Why is this girl just now jumping on the train?”
In my defense, this is not a new friend, but rather, a friend with whom I had lost touch.

As of last week, Audible is now an Affiliate Sponsor of our podcast, “Choreograph Your Life”. 
I am sure you probably get how that works, but in case you’ve wondered, Affiliate Partnerships work like this: 
1. A person (me, for example) shares a unique link or code created by the sponsor. 
2. People (you, for example) use said link or code to try new products or services. 
3. The activity is tracked. 
4. The person sharing the code is paid by the sponsor. 

Pretty sweet deal. 

Truly, I have never really considered myself the “Influencer” type. 
It feels foreign for me, but alas, here we are. 
Given the fact that I have been suggesting people use my code, I thought it best I reconnect with my long, lost friend. I hopped on the app, downloaded a few books ranging from career advice to the plight of a pop princess, and pressed play. 

It was like someone had taken a match to my brain and I said “so long” to any shred of boredom last week. 
And the best part? 
I can get lost in a book while not having to sit still! 
If you haven’t experienced the extensive library that is Audible, do yourself a free favor and check it out. 
(Yes, we are credited for your free membership… no money has to be spent.) 

Now, don’t think for one second in time that I haven’t considered the fact that I am WAY late to the Audible Party. You could very well be on your 100th download and thinking, “This poor girl has been MISSING OUT!” 
I also realize that you could be very over this Audible party… 
Don’t leave quite yet! 
Let me help you spice it up. 
This next part is for you…

“Four Ways to Make the MOST of your Audible Membership”

1. Start an Audible Club 
Yes, we have all heard of a book club. 
But what about an Audible Club? 
Grab some friends, have one of the members of your club select a book for the month. 
You can choose to listen on your own, or even better, schedule a weekly meeting to listen together either on zoom or socially distanced in the same room with snacks and beverages. 

2. Go On a “Car-Cation” 
Road trips are all the rage these days, but typically there is an ultimate destination. 
What if the journey IS the vacation? 
Grab a co-pilot, map out a course that takes you back to where you started, download a book, and HIT THE ROAD! 
Most audiobooks are several hours long, so pick a part of your state that you’ve been interested in seeing and take a drive while you listen to a story you’ve always wanted to hear. 

3. Broaden Your Horizons 
Here is your challenge:
-Assess your library. 
-Accept the fact that maybe you need to spice it up. 
-Do some research on what people are reading in other genres. 
-Jump on the wagon. 

You may find you actually like something outside your wheelhouse! 
Maybe not! 
The best news? You can exchange audiobooks up to a year through Audible making this experiment a no brainer. 
Challenge accepted! 

4. And They Say “Nothing is FREE!”
Good news- Audible has a free section. 
Yep, a lot of people miss it, but it is there! Right on the home page! 
Save those credits and check out the Audible Originals section and discover new authors free of charge. Your credits accumulate over time, so save them up if you are wanting to download a more expensive, trending title.
Just remember, credits do expire after a while, so don’t forget about them! 

Happy Listening!