10’s Across the Board

For most people, the middle of August comes in HOT… and I’m not necessarily talking about temperatures. The lazy days of summer come to a seemingly screeching halt and are replaced by bustling school schedules, extracurricular activities, and new professional initiatives. While this can all be very exciting, let’s not pretend like any one of us is above potentially feeling just a bit overwhelmed. And if by saying “a bit overwhelmed”, I actually meant “potentially on the brink of suffocation”, I bet I would be a little closer to a majority consensus. 


Do not buy into the hype of the “social media superstars.” 

No one has it all together.

The stress is NORMAL.

You’re allowed to feel this way. 


In a “best case scenario” setting, juggling the “Mid August Mayhem” is nothing short of a magic trick. Couple that with all things Coronavirus and you’ve got yourself a full blown miracle. If you happen to be able to pull off your day without any major meltdowns or catastrophes, likely you feel slightly victorious. 






A celebration of YOU!

I know you may be thinking, “I don’t have time to be celebrating! I have boxes to check,” and I get it. From one busy person to another, the thrill of momentum is not something you want to interrupt. We all know “objects in motion stay in motion” so stopping for any reason probably seems totally unreasonable. 

Time is money, honey. 

Here is the reality: You need to make time for YOU if you think for even one second you can carry these “Mid August 100 MPH” vibes into the fall. If you don’t, you will implode. Period. 

From a gal who has experienced this “crash and burn” year after year during this crazy season, I ask you to just trust me on this one. 

It isn’t pretty. 

In making time for yourself, it is imperative that you spend 30 minutes a day of doing something that falls into the realm of physical activity. Sure, you may be moving at a mile a minute, but bouncing from “zoom room” to “zoom room” is not the heart rate boost we are talking about here. Your physical activity needs to be focused and, more than likely, strategic. While this may not be the “Celebration of YOU” that you had in mind, it is an integral part of the WHOLE party if you want to successfully make it through these next few weeks. 

Here is the best news! 

You can break these 30 minutes up into 3, 10 minute Mini Parties throughout the day. 

Even better news! 

We are taking the “Work” out of “Workout.” 

It truly is a party! 


8 Ways to Maximize Minimal Workout Time 

10 Minute Personal “OUTINGS”

  1. 1. Dance Party, YEAH!: Make a playlist on your favorite streaming service of roughly 3-4 songs that make you feel happy and DANCE! Don’t worry about what you look like, just let loose! For added calorie burn: SING! For suggestions, follow our “Max Motivation” playlist on Apple Music or Spotify by searching @thekdscollab. 
  2. 2. Audible Walk: Sign up for a free trial of Audible, download your first book, and take a stroll while listening to a chapter or two. Use our link www.audibletrial.com/choreographyourlife for your FREE 30 Day Trial! Not only will you be accomplishing a workout, but you can also hopefully gain some new mental stimulation or just simply clear your mind. 
  3. 3. Jump Rope for Joy: An inexpensive way to get a boost of adrenaline while channeling your inner nostalgic vibes! Grab a rope, set a timer, and get jumping! A burst of joy guaranteed! 
  4. 4. Disc-O-Date: Grab a friend or co-worker, head outside, and toss the frisbee for a bit! This favorite past time is sure to make you laugh while hopefully jazzing up that heart rate! 
  5. 5. Play Fetch: Simple as that. Disclaimer, this is WAY more fun with a four-legged friend, but can be done solo if you’re feeling creative! 
  6. 6. 10 Minute Sun Salutation: By taking advantage of FREE YouTube Yoga flows or your other favorite subscription service, you can break a sweat, get a stretch, and reset your brain with a simple 10 Minute Sun Salutation on your time! A fabulous YouTube Channel recommendation is “Yoga With Adriene.” Namaste. 
  7. 7. Let’s HIIT It: HIIT Routines can actually be a lot of fun! Much like the on-demand yoga suggestion above, you can stream a quick hit routine FREE on YouTube through a channel such as “CRAVE Fitness” or through a paid subscription like www.onepeleton.com or www.classpass.com. Additionally, you can make a DIY Tabata Routine involving jumping jacks, squats, skipping, etc. Tabata timed music is available through both Apple Music and Spotify! The possibilities are endless! 
  8. 8. Address Those Errands: Ok, ok, I know you’re busy! Multitask, my friend! If your location is conducive to foot traffic and you will remain safe, skip the vehicle for your daily errands. Map out your stops, grab a backpack and water, and get those feet moving!