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Ready to Re-Create?

The date was March 15th, 2020. 

I was sitting in a restaurant with a few friends discussing whether or not I was going to be boarding a flight to California in the morning. I was to be heading west to choreograph a show at an amusement park, and I was really looking forward to working with a team I’d never had the opportunity to meet. Hour by hour, the threat of Covid-19 was becoming more of a reality, so the thought of boarding a plane to travel across the country was becoming increasingly unsettling. 

On the other hand, the commitment to myself, my new cast, and the production team at the park were heavily outweighing the potential health threat. Truly, in my mind, I was already soaring over the Rocky Mountains. I’d already packed, choreographed the show, purchased a mask and gloves, and was ready to rock. After all, it was just two days and I am in good health…

Plot twist: I would not be taking that trip. 

And, that would be the last time we would be having a debate of any kind in a public forum for quite some time. 

As the world starts to slowly re-open, the one industry will likely continue to “wait in the wings” is one that I have been so fortunate to call my career. Events that draw large crowds such as parades, corporate training events, and dance competitions are on the back burner indefinitely. 

Do I think they will make a comeback?- Yes. 
When they do, will they be the same?- No. 
Am I sad about this?- Not necessarily. What if the future is brighter? 

I have taken a lot of time to reflect on what the future may look like for our industry, and I have two thoughts. Both of those thoughts happen to center around the same word: 


Re-Create is a funny word.
One of those that has multiple meanings. 
A word that can make people feel anxious and calm all at the same time. 

Re-Create: To create something again. 
Re-Create: To start anew. 

So which one is it? 
I believe in success, it is a little bit of both. 

Before I dive in, we need to first address the real elephant in the room. The part of “re-create” that sends people into a tizzy: 
“The idea of ‘anew’… and/or: ‘Change’. 

With the industry in a bit of a holding pattern, there are many of us who have had to look at the next few months and assess how we can shift the journey. The playbook is out the window, but we can’t wait in the queue forever. We have to change the course and ultimately “re-create” the plan.

Which means we have to embrace a bit of change. 
Which means change could set us free from the holding pattern. 

The notion of being “freed by change” is a concept most people, myself at the front of the line, typically find unsettling. As we should. I mean, come on, I don’t even like not knowing how movies are going to end, let alone the thought of my reality as I know it becoming something it is no longer. 

Change means something is going to be different from what we have grown accustomed to, opening the door to variables that are likely momentarily out of our control. That can be scary stuff. But, as suggested, after the dust settles, change is the only way we evolve and, in some cases, become free of what is no longer serving us. 

So how do we embrace or, at the very least, combat the fear of change? 

  1. Catch Feelings: Real talk. You have to accept that with change there will be feelings. A whole slew of them: excitement, sadness, energy, anger… You name it; it’s probably in there. Warn yourself ahead of time that “feeling” is going to happen and that, my friends, is ok. 
  2. Prepare for the Growth Spurt: Remember the days when you would stand against the doorframe in your house and someone would make a little pencil mark above your head?That pencil marks signified change: an acknowledgment of your natural journey. At some point, those pencil marks stopped moving up the door frame because you stopped growing. Unfortunately, with your height, this is just life. I tried for years to pick up a few more inches, but my growth potential was already set. Your mind, however, has unlimited growth potential. In order to grow, there must be change… even simple adjustments can open doors to new thoughts and experiences. Prepare yourself for the growth journey and, like the pencil marks, chart the adventure. 
  3. Take Control: In re-creating your path, accept that you are in control of all changes. This is a luxury. Part of why change is scary is because we don’t see change as in our control. We can take back power by knowing when the plan has become stagnant and then initiate change in our lives. You are in control of you. Read that again.
  4. You Can Always Change: While there is a bit of dissolution with the statement “nothing is permanent”, the sentiment is nice and low-key applies in this instance. The good news about change is that if the changes you make don’t serve you, you can always change the path. Exhale. 

If you believe you are ready to “re-create” your journey, you have accepted you are ready to welcome change. Let change assist in navigating your new chapter. Evolve, grow, learn, and maybe even be freed.
You may find exactly what you are looking for on the other side of your fear. 

But, all of that being said, do not run blindly into the sunset just yet.

Remember, the word “re-create” is tricky. 

I’ll leave you with this thought: 
If you look at the two definitions of “re-create”, the other version does not involve the concept of change. In fact, it encourages the opposite.

Keep in mind, if your current plan isn’t playing out as you’d envisioned and a shift in the path is necessary, think back to the pencil marks on the door frame- the tracking of your journey with limited growth potential. While the journey ultimately stopped, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a success.
You made it to the end goal. 

While you “re-create” your path, hold tight to the values that were successful in carrying you this far. What worked for you the first time around?
Maybe it was your work ethic?
Maybe it was your kindness?
Maybe it was your passion? 

Whatever the case may be, celebrate your success to this point, handpick the experiences that will help mold the future, embrace the fear of change, and welcome new opportunities.

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