2020 Live Seminar “Goal Getter Series” Presents: “Parade 1: Managing an Asset on the Move”

Wondering what kind of information you may learn if you book a 2020 Live Seminar with The KDs Collaborative?

The magical thing about a successful parade is that it looks simple.

Audience members would never know the hours of planning and rehearsal that goes into making it the spectacle that it is. 

Real Talk: Being in charge of a parade is NO SIMPLE MATTER. 

Managing hundreds of people who all have a different role in the ultimate success of the performance is daunting BEFORE you add in the variable “IT’S ON THE MOVE”!!  

Being the leader of a team or managing an asset in 2020 is much like the role of Parade 1. 

You set the pace. You maintain the quality. You oversee the tone

And you are ultimately responsible for the magic

All while the expectations continue to be on the move. 

“Parade 1 to ANYONE OUT THERE: ……help?….over…” 

Copy that- Help is on the way! 

Concepts include:

“This is My Circus and These are My Monkeys”

“Megaphones in the Rain”

“Are We All Dancing to the Same Song?”

“The Importance of a Party Stop”

“Confetti is Forever”.