2020 Live Seminar “Goal Getter Series” Presents: “Parade 1: Managing an Asset on the Move”

Wondering what kind of information you may learn if you book a 2020 Live Seminar with The KDs Collaborative?

The magical thing about a successful parade is that it looks simple.

Audience members would never know the hours of planning and rehearsal that goes into making it the spectacle that it is. 

Real Talk: Being in charge of a parade is NO SIMPLE MATTER. 

Managing hundreds of people who all have a different role in the ultimate success of the performance is daunting BEFORE you add in the variable “IT’S ON THE MOVE”!!  

Being the leader of a team or managing an asset in 2020 is much like the role of Parade 1. 

You set the pace. You maintain the quality. You oversee the tone

And you are ultimately responsible for the magic

All while the expectations continue to be on the move. 

“Parade 1 to ANYONE OUT THERE: ……help?….over…” 

Copy that- Help is on the way! 

Concepts include:

“This is My Circus and These are My Monkeys”

“Megaphones in the Rain”

“Are We All Dancing to the Same Song?”

“The Importance of a Party Stop”

“Confetti is Forever”. 

“Wait, She Doesn’t Just Dance?”

This may very much come as a shock to a lot of people, so some of you may want to sit down…
While I have spent the better part of my life building my career as a dance teacher/coach and choreographer, I must admit:

There was a time I was living a double life.

Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it?
I’ll give you the short version:

– I graduated from The University of Central Oklahoma. Go Bronchos!
– As many a gal with a dream of being on Broadway does, I moved to New York City.
– Upon arrival, I faced the hard facts I am but a mere 5’2 with an “ok at best, on a good day, in the shower” singing voice, so maybe my name wasn’t meant to be in lights of the big city, after all.
– I moved to St. Louis, MO to coach the Starry Knights Dance Team at my alma mater: St. Francis Borgia High School.
– Because one with a low key shoe addiction cannot 100% survive on a catholic high school coaching salary, and I had not yet really started teaching at a dance studio, I begrudgingly had to figure out the “Adult Income” of it all.
– A fabulous, incredible mentor introduced me to the world of Multi-Family Housing Management and Real Estate Investment.

Wait, what even is that?

A whole new world was opened to me.
At first, I was very reluctant to this weird way of life.
“What is a tax credit?”
“Why do I have business cards?”
“Why is everyone wearing real pants?”

I felt like a fraud and I clung to my dance life with an iron clad grip.

But then, PLOT TWIST:
I learned wildly valuable skills and built an ENTIRELY different kind of resume which included job titles like:

– Marketing and Leasing Specialist
– New Hire Training and Events Coordinator
– Leasing Coordinator

And here is the craziest part:
I actually really loved it.

I mean, at the time I didn’t think it was EXACTLY my passion, but I would be lying to myself and everyone else if I didn’t come clean about fleeting thoughts of maybe giving up the dance dream, every once in a while.

But, alas, for me, I’m the type of person who just can’t shake a passion.

My choreography career took off and I walked away from my double life to give it my full focus. I have been blessed with so many amazing opportunities and have been so inspired by all of the people I’ve worked with and the places I’ve traveled.

I will never be able to kick that passion and give up dance… this I know…. HOWEVER….

I really have never been able to totally shake the wonderful experience I found in my double life. Buzzwords like: Employee Motivation, Customer Service and Corporate Style Team Building really got in my blood and I found myself missing business cards and actually sitting down for lunch.

As living a double life is exhausting, I needed to figure out how to marry the two worlds into one.

So I asked myself:
“How can I take the fundamentals I love so much about both aspects of my life and shape the language to help teach, motivate and inspire those who may not be used to a life of 5-6-7-8 while perhaps still reaching those who aren’t totally familiar with always wearing “real” pants?”

And I think I figured it out.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present:

The KDs Collaborative
– Motivational Speaking
– Choreography
– Corporate and Athletic Team Building


Something you should know is that my years spent as a dancer has left me uncomfortable with counting past 8.

Sure, I can, I just prefer not to.

That said, The KDs Collaborative works in sets of 4s and 8s.

Need to call people to attention? 1-2-3-4

Counting down to snap a picture? 5-6-7-8

It is a non negotiable for the sake of safety and mental health.

The second non negotiable of The KDs Collaborative is an “Attitude of Gratitude”.

People, places, and external opportunities are all a piece of the puzzle to individual or team success stories and should be recognized and celebrated.

I developed the concept of #ThankFOUR because it is important to me to acknowledge and be thankful for various aspects of my life every day. In the morning, following like 8 cups of coffee, I list out four things I am thankful for THAT day.

No matter the complexity, the value is in the acknowledgement of what is positively impacting how you choreograph your journey.

I challenge you, for one week, to try something that looks like this:
“KellyD’s #ThankFOUR, February 3, 2020”
1. Family/Friends
2. Personal health
3. The concept of “TEAM”
4. Opportunities of optimism

At the end of the week, take a moment to look back and reflect on all of the things that contributed to your daily #ThankFOUR.
Read it several times.
Maybe 8 times.
How do you feel?

Do you feel compelled to reach out to the people you cherish and let them know what they mean to you?
Do you feel inspired to work harder to continue to nurture the components of your day that make you so happy?

Whatever the case may be, I promise you this:
There is power in the effort to see beyond yourself.
It can be the most rewarding thing you do everyday.
It takes very little time and very little effort.

So, what are your #ThankFOUR today?

“But Seriously, What’s Up With That Hat?”

While boarding a recent flight, a TSA agent looked me dead in the eyes and said:
“Miss, before you walk through the detector, I am going to need you to remove your hat and PLACE IT IN THE TRASH CAN. Thanks.”

Aggressive? – Yes.

Out of the norm? – No.

(Happy he chose to refer to me as “Miss” – ABSOLUTELY!!!)

While I can totally get behind “wearing real pants” and a fierce business, professional blowout, my day to day “Kelly D Aesthetic” truly revolves around a black and white New York Yankee’s hat. So much so, I have had many a dear friend find me almost unrecognizable without my favorite accessory.

Back story:
I bought my first Yankee hat while I was living in New York circa 2004. While I am a born and raised STL Cardinal fan and it felt almost blasphemous to purchase such a bold statement piece, I wanted desperately to fit in and appear “East Coast Chic”.

Time pressed on and my desperation to fit in floated down the Hudson along with my need to live in the big city. Back to the midwest I went, ready for a nap and ready to start a new.

Through all of this, I must admit, I’d somehow grown attached to that early NY purchase. While I knew it would likely spark hate and debate amongst family and friends, it was embarking on the new chapter. In my new favorite hat, I tucked away everything I really needed from New York:

A vision of who I wanted to be along with an arsenal of memories and experiences to get me there.

Here we are in 2020 and I refuse to part ways with that NY Hat. While I don’t rock the original on the regular, I have remained true to my personal branding and I cannot deny the accessory itself is still such a part of me.

Oh, that’s silly?
You’re rolling your eyes?

Let me explain:
Every time I look at my hat, I am reminded.
I am reminded of my journey, the things I have created and the amazing people I have met along the way.

I remember times when pushed my hat high up on my head so my teams could truly see the pride I had for them in my eyes.

I remember times when I was so stressed or sad, that I pulled the brim down to my chin, so as to escape the world around me, and I cried.

Most importantly though:
I remember who I was, who am TODAY and the person I am working hard to be, every single day.

So, there is the answer.
That’s What’s Up With That Hat.

“Keep the Change”

Yesterday I was taking some kind of silly, yoga-infused-with-hand-weight-nonsense type of class. It was an hour set aside in my day focused on “finding myself” and “thanking my body for the ability to grow stronger”. While, yes, both things happened in a roundabout way, it was nary the “spiritual retreat”  most trendy yoga places promise. While my belly button pooled up with sweat and my love handles crept over the top of my Lulus, I stared at myself in the mirror wondering where I would find my next carbohydrate following this torturous hour. 

“At the end of this three-minute squat circuit, hold at the bottom and pulse! YOU CAN! YOU LOOK SO STRONG!!!!” the instructor screamed over the aggressive bass. 

“…..deeeeaaath….” I muttered under my ujjayi breath. 

She bopped around the room, fist bumping to the Vegas Strip-inspired playlist. 

Smiling and giggling. 

All the while showing off her 14-pack stomach.

I growled, pulling up my leggings that had been holding on for dear life under the force of my tubular midsection. 


These words shook me to my core.

I was overcome with emotions. 





A simple act of change would set us free! 

The notion of being “freed by change” is a concept most people, myself at the front of the line, typically find unsettling. As we should. I mean, come on, I don’t even like not knowing how movies are going to end, let alone the thought of my reality as I know it becoming something it is no longer. 

Change means something is going to be different from what we have grown accustomed to, opening the door to variables that are likely momentarily out of our control. That can be scary stuff. But, as suggested, after the dust settles, change is only way we evolve and, in some cases, are freed of what is no longer serving us. 

So how do we welcome or, at the very least, combat the fear of change? 

Let’s play a game, shall we

1. Think of something you believe should change in your life. This could be something simple like your hair color (wait, that’s not always that simple), the time you wake up in the morning, the brand of toilet paper you buy, whatever.. just something relatively non-earth shattering. 

2. Identify the components: People? Place? Behavior? 

3. Make a pros/cons list. Hang with me here. I know it seems trite, but it’s important. 

4. Set aside the “pros” and study the “con” side of the list. Assess what it is that makes each item “scary”. Now shift the statement or item to become something that instead makes you excited. Or perhaps, if not excited, makes you step out of your comfort zone and learn something new. Or maybe, third option, you simply rephrase it to be something you better understand. It is up to you how you spin it, placing the power back in your hands.

Yep. It is just that easy. 

You are truly in control of all change.

Until you are not. 

Some change seeps into life like a fart in an elevator: unable to avoid and certainly uninvited. 

That type of change can totally rock your world. 

It is nearly impossible to prepare for and seemingly out of your control. 

It is the worst type of unexpected dinner guest. 


I urge you to go back to the list exercise and reframe it as though YOU made the choice. Take back the power and walk away stronger and better for it. Maybe the universe has a plan, but maybe it doesn’t, so it’s up to you to take back the control and choreograph your journey.

The last 10 years have brought an exponential amount of change to my life. 

Moments of sorrow. Moments of joy. 

Moments of anger. Moments of contentedness. 

Moments of uncertainty. Moments of clarity. 

Some invited. Some just simply an aggressive elevator fart. 

As we embark on this journey together, I commit to indulge you in specifics, but until then, I would like to leave you with this thought: 

Life events have taught me that there really is no such thing as “spare change”. By definition, the idea of “spare change” refers to “change you don’t need” which, in my opinion, simply does not exist. Sure, you can “share” change, but to think any change, be it experiential or serving a monetary purpose, is simply “not needed” is ludicrous. 

Let’s practice: 

“Got any spare change, Miss?” 

“No. No, I do not.” 

Say it again. 

“Got any spare change, Miss?” 

“No. No, I do not.”

And again. And again. 


Friends, we are opening the chapter on a brand new decade!
Isn’t it incredible to know that there is NOTHING that CAN’T happen today, tomorrow, or in the next 10 years?! What an exciting time to be alive! 

I encourage you to let yourself be freed by change on the horizon. Let change help you evolve, grow, learn, and maybe even be freed. 

Don’t see it? 

Imagine it. 

Doesn’t exist? 

Create it. 

There is my two cents. 

Keep the change.