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“19 Ways to Make the Best of COVID-19”

We get it. 

COVID-19 is the worst. 

  • It has taken thousands of precious lives. 
  • It has sent hundreds of people into quarantine. 
  • It has forced the cancellation of events people have spent their whole lives preparing for. 
  • It has sent the entire world into sheer panic mode and it seemingly gets worse by the hour. 

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus outbreak is our current reality and, in this instance, there isn’t much we can do about it. Trust me, I am just as concerned and disappointed about the events that surround the current pandemic as the rest of the world. As a person who relies solely on air travel and “large groups of people congregating” as their total source of income, yes, we can all agree this is not ideal. Personal problems aside, my heart is completely broken for all of the athletes and coaches who had their seasons cut short. The brides and grooms that have to postpone their carefully planned nuptials. The performers and technicians who have worked so hard to book cruise ship gigs, jobs at Amusement Parks and Broadway shows. The families that can’t see loved ones due to travel bans or concerned health risks for the elderly.

The list goes on and on and on.

We ALL hurt for you and ALL know this is the WORST.

That said, I guess if nothing else, we have all found common ground.

Friends, please know, I did not put this list together in an effort to act like I am just over here being all sunshine and rainbows or to act like this is something we shouldn’t be concerned about. 

We should be, it is very real. 

When I get anxious, I have a tendency to compartmentalize the issue and override it with something positive or proactive. Is this healthy? Hmmmm.. maybe not…but I refuse to allow myself to go into panic mode. I have learned that I do not operate well in that state. I am definitely an eternal optimist and it is more important now more than ever that we find a bright side in all of this. Instead of focusing on being scared or wasting my energy thinking about how much this totally sucks, I present to you my:

“19 Ways to Make the Best of COVID-19.” 

  1. Jump on the Calm Train. Remember, beyond the scary statistics surrounding the virus, a lot of the fear stems from the unknown. This is something new that our current society as a whole has not experienced before. Educate yourself through scientific facts presented by medical professionals and refrain from believing all of the dramatics you see on the internet. You may actually learn a lot of valuable information and help spread knowledge instead of just germs. For more information visit or
  2. Phone a Friend. Don’t text, ACTUALLY call or, better yet, FaceTime a friend you have been meaning to catch up with but could never find the time. 
  3. Stream Sweat-Sesh. The internet has a ton of avenues to stream new workouts you can do in the privacy of your own living room with little to no equipment. View this as the perfect opportunity to introduce a new way of strengthening your body or fine tuning a practice without the fear of looking silly in front of fellow classmates. Some of our favorite paid subscriptions include:,,, . Looking for something free? YouTube offers a TON of pages with totally free workouts! Check out: Blogilates, Body Project, Popsugar Fitness and SO MANY MORE! Get moving! Endorphins are good. They make you happy. We need some happy!
  4. Organize Your Life. Room by room. Closet by closet. Get rid of all of your excess clutter so you have a clear vision and clear path once the virus is more controlled. While you’re at it with the organizing- go ahead and disinfect. 
  5. In Oprah (most of us)Trust. Grab a few friends from afar and start a book club! Decide what to read, set a finish date and discuss your thoughts on a conference call or in google hangouts! Not into group projects? Check out Oprah’s list of must reads, kick your feet up and enjoy!
  6. Less Boring Leftovers. If you’re anything like me, you may lack a little creativity in the kitchen. What a perfect opportunity to awaken your inner Betty Crocker and research new culinary adventures. You may even go so far as to create recipe lists for each week during the summer. Your future is looking tasty and super efficient. 
  7. Tune into a podcast. There are hundreds of amazing podcasts out there with an endless list of topics on several different streaming platforms. We hear there is a great one called “Choreograph Your Life” that could keep you busy for up to 5 hours at this point! 
  8. Catch up on sleep. Pretty self explanatory. 
  9. Goal Set. 2020 may have started out a little sketch, but we can still turn this thing around! Reflect on your previous goals or maybe just ditch them and start over! Since when have we had a global shutdown? See this an opportunity to reflect, reset and get let go of regret! 
  10. Are you an Athlete or an Artist? What a perfect chance to focus on an element of your craft. In the confines of your own home you can do the following with ease: dribble a basketball, juggle a soccer ball, stretch, drill your high passé, practice a different painting technique… the list goes on and on! You don’t need a formal practice space to work on fine tuning details that will greatly improve your overall game. 
  11. Learn Something New. Sign up for an online webinar series and better YOURSELF. The KDs Collaborative has an upcoming FREE webinar session called Create 6-7-8 that focuses on where to begin with choreographing your life! Want something more in depth? We also offer an 8 week paid series! Check out the details on our website! 
  12. Play Dress Up. Remember the movie Clueless? Cher would spend hours trying on different outfits in her closet to get the perfect look. Pull out all of your clothes and put together new, reenergized looks by pairing different items or accessories. Take some selfies and throw  them all in an album on your phone. You can reference your library of ensembles next time you are gearing up for a night out. 
  13. Let the Games Begin! Sporting events might be on hold, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay competitive. Be it board games in the living room or relay games in the backyard, everyone loves a friendly competition.  Home alone? No sweat! Your phone offers about a billion options of free games. Don’t want to stare at your screen? Go the old fashion route and set up solitaire on your coffee table! Keep score for yourself and compete against your own high score. I like to turn mine into my own Olympic Event. 
  14. Pump up the Jams! Jump on your streaming service of choice and organize your existing playlists and even build some new ones! On Sunday, the KDs Collaborative will be having a competition for the most creative playlist name! Follow us on instagram @thekdscollab to check out all the fun! 
  15. Go outside. There, I said it. Get some fresh air. Take a walk, a run, a hike, whatever. Just get out of your potentially stale living space. Wash your hands and honor social distancing. 
  16. Financial Focus. Need to get your finances under control? Throw all of the numbers on the table and get a handle on your budget! Follow the links for some tips on financial fitness:,,,
  17. Surf Your Couch. Netflix. Hulu. Disney+. HBO Go. YouTube TV…. the list goes on. I would bet you would be lying if you had never thought, “I just want to stay home and do nothing.” Your wish is GRANTED! Grab a snack, go into “couch potato” mode and binge those shows waiting patiently in your queue accordingly. 
  18. Brainstorm Future Fun. Distance does make the heart grow fonder…. Make a list of the 5 things you want to do first once everything goes back to “normal.” Have you wanted to take a trip? Maybe you having been watching out a particular concert? Love sporting events? Whatever the case may be, plan ahead and organize the details so that when you can: MAKE IT HAPPEN!
  19. Unplug. Allow ONLY 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening to access any important news updates via trusted internet source or TV. Beyond the necessary news briefing, fall off the grid for a bit. Everything works better if you unplug it, dust off the cord and plug it back in (Has anyone actually tried to reset the year 2020? Maybe this is the appropriate time?)

Sending you all good health and happiness. Be sure to check on one another during this time. Tensions are high and we need each other’s support more than ever. Be patient and know we are all just trying our best.

Also, please wash your hands.

Have an awesome day!

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